Investigations on the P2 drive asymmetry and its effect on the shell asymmetry in a symmetry tuning experiment at the 100 kJ laser facility

Physics of Plasmas, Volume 28, Issue 11, November 2021. Understanding and controlling time-dependent implosion asymmetry are essential requirements to achieve ignition. In a recent symmetry tuning experiment at the 100 kJ laser facility, an effective time-dependent symmetry control was demonstrated by modifying the ratio of the inner beam power to the outer beam power. The hohlraum radiation and the P2 drive asymmetry of a shot used to measure backlit shell asymmetry have been analyzed, and the sensitivity of the P2 shell asymmetry to the drive asymmetry has been illustrated by using the two-dimensional code LARED. The variation in the shell P2 distortion, resulting from the variation in the P2 drive asymmetry due to the three-dimensional perturbing effects introduced to the hohlraum by the diagnostic windows (DWs) and the eight removed beams, has been assessed quantitatively using a three-dimensional postprocessor. It is found that the DWs and the four removed inner beams do not vary the P2 drive asymmetry, while the four removed outer beams cause a ∼−1% variation in the P2 drive asymmetry, resulting in a more prolate implosion.