Current-induced switching of a ferromagnetic Weyl semimetal Co2MnGa

Applied Physics Letters, Volume 119, Issue 21, November 2021. The introduction of magnetic moments to topological materials provides rich opportunities for studying the interplay among magnetism, electron correlation, and topological orders, which can give rise to exotic magnetoelectric effects and allow one to manipulate the topological band structure via spintronic approaches. Here, we report current-induced switching in a thin film of ferromagnetic Weyl semimetal Co2MnGa with perpendicular magnetic anisotropy, via the spin–orbit torque from a neighboring heavy metal Pt. The reversal of the large anomalous Hall signal indicates an effective electrical control of the Berry curvatures associated with the Weyl nodes in the topological band structure. The efficiency of the spin–orbit torque switching is calibrated to be comparable to that in conventional ferromagnets. Given the compatibility of Co2MnGa films with various spintronic devices and techniques, our work represents an essential step toward memory and computing devices built by topological ferromagnetic materials.