Pt enhanced capacitive performance of Cr2N electrode toward flexible asymmetric supercapacitor

Applied Physics Letters, Volume 118, Issue 18, May 2021. In the present work, the Pt-Cr2N composite and carbon thin film electrodes were directly deposited on a flexible 304 stainless steel current collector by the one-step sputtering technique. The inclusion of platinum (Pt) in chromium nitride (Cr2N) provides a significant enhancement in the electrochemical properties of Cr2N. The prepared Pt-Cr2N composite-based electrode demonstrates a high specific capacitance and cyclic life compared to the pristine Cr2N electrode. The designed Pt-Cr2N//carbon flexible asymmetric supercapacitor (FASC) has been examined for practical applications. The FASC (at 80° bend state) shows excellent capacitance retention of 82.6% for 30 000 charging/discharging cycles with a high specific capacitance of 106 Fg−1 and a specific energy of 48 Wh kg−1. The remarkable capacitive performance of this designed FASC makes it a potential candidate for energy storage applications, long life span, and flexible electronic devices.