Progressive RESET induced by Joule heating in hBN RRAMs

Applied Physics Letters, Volume 118, Issue 14, April 2021. This Letter reports a progressive RESET operation in multilayer-hBN-based resistive random access memories (RRAMs) using Ti/hBN/Au as a prototype. An isotropic Joule heat effect governing the rupture of conductive filaments (CFs) is identified and then validated by a “re-SET” process, in which CFs are broken and reconnected under identically directional electrical fields. SET operations cannot be achieved if the device is incompletely RESET. This progressive switching behavior differs from multi-state memristors' counterparts and, thus, should be ruled out from RRAMs in binary systems. The study of progressively one-by-one rupture of CFs serves as a more comprehensive understanding of the resistive switching mechanism of hBN RRAMs and could facilitate the investigation of practical applications of 2D RRAMs.