Metasurface-tuning: A camouflaging technique for dielectric obstacles

Journal of Applied Physics, Volume 129, Issue 12, March 2021. We present the concept of metasurface-tuning as a solution to reduce spurious scattering from parasitic dielectric objects. By burying metasurfaces in the dielectric volume, it is possible to control the scattering behavior of the parasitic object and camouflage it with respect to a given dielectric reference. A transmission-line model is proposed for the metasurface’s surface impedance retrieval. Microwave near-field and far-field full-wave simulation results validate the scattering reduction of the dielectric parasitic object for both normal and off-normal transverse-electric and transverse-magnetic polarized incident waves. The frequency stability and robustness to a change of dielectric reference of the proposed technique is also studied in a frequency range around 10 GHz. The study suggests that metasurface-tuning can be a polarization-insensitive and frequency-adjustable solution to reduce spurious scattering from high-index, dielectric mechanical pieces such as seams in large ground-based radomes.