Composite films of graphene oxide with semiconducting carbon nanotubes: Raman spectroscopy characterization

Low Temperature Physics, Volume 47, Issue 3, Page 206-213, March 2021. Noncovalent interaction between semiconducting single-walled carbon nanotubes (SWNTs) and graphene oxide (GO) in composite films (GO-SWNTs) was analyzed by Raman spectroscopy in the range of D and G modes (1170–1780 cm−1). Comparison between Raman spectra of composite film and single-component GO and SWNTs films showed that the interaction between GO and SWNTs is accompanied by a band broadening and spectral shifting. Observed spectral transformations are attributed to charge transfer between GO and SWNTs as well as a deformation of carbon surfaces which occurs in the composite. Spectral measurements of composite GO-SWNTs film with biological globular molecules (the enzyme glucoseoxidase) showed that these molecules weaken mechanical stress of GO on the nanotubes.