Microscopic modeling of non-normal incidence vertical external cavity surface-emitting laser cavities

Applied Physics Letters, Volume 118, Issue 12, March 2021. The optimization of a V-cavity geometry to obtain intense ultrafast pulses for a modelocked vertical external-cavity surface-emitting laser is studied using an expanded form of the transverse Maxwell semiconductor Bloch equations. The influence of the incidence angle and relative cavity arm lengths is considered with respect to both the pump-probe computed instantaneous gain and group delay dispersion and the converged modelocked state. Changes in the angle are seen to lead to modest changes in dispersion but significant deformations of the modelocked pulse. Large changes in relative arm lengths are seen to lead to modest changes in the modelocked pulse with optimal pulses being observed with a 1:1 arm length ratio. The underlying microscopic dynamics are shown to drive these behaviors. This work provides a theoretical means to optimize experimental cavity geometry for desirable modelocking behaviors.