Schrödinger-type 2D coherent states of magnetized uniaxially strained graphene

Journal of Mathematical Physics, Volume 61, Issue 10, October 2020. We revisit the uniaxially strained graphene immersed in a uniform homogeneous magnetic field orthogonal to the layer in order to describe the time evolution of coherent states built from a semi-classical model. We consider the symmetric gauge vector potential to render the magnetic field, and we encode the tensile and compression deformations on an anisotropy parameter ζ. After solving the Dirac-like equation with an anisotropic Fermi velocity, we define a set of matrix ladder operators and construct electron coherent states as eigenstates of a matrix annihilation operator with complex eigenvalues. Through the corresponding probability density, we are able to study the anisotropy effects on these states on the xy plane and their time evolution. Our results clearly show that the quasi period of electron coherent states is affected by the uniaxial strain.